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  • Areas of Expertise
    Healthcare Trends

    We keep up with the latest trends and breakthroughs, and help you position your company for sustainable and profitable growth.

  • Areas of Expertise
    In Vitro Diagnostics

    Helping firms from across the healthcare value chain make the right decisions.

  • Areas of Expertise
    Life Science Tools and Technology

    Understanding the big picture AND the imperceptible undercurrents is the difference between being a market leader or follower.

  • Areas of Expertise
    Medical Devices

    Scientia Advisors
    Providing true Boardroom-to-Bench-to-Bedside solutions that helps clients decide on what technologies to pursue, products to develop, and partnerships to form.

  • Areas of Expertise

    Creative strategic solutions that position clients for long term success.


We draw upon our unparalleled level of life science industry expertise, our decades of business experience around the globe, and our rich analytic tools and methodologies, to deliver unique and impactful strategic insights to companies at the corporate, division and product level.

Scientific Expertise, Business Acumen
A traditional consulting firm can't draw upon our level of industry experience. A traditional research firm can't offer the strategic insight our expert analysts bring.

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Focused on Life Science

Scientia Advisors is a global strategy consulting firm focused on helping senior executives select the right markets, choose attractive product opportunities, and outperform in healthcare, biotechnology, devices, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

Committed to Our Clients
Our clients range from Global 25 companies to emerging firms with cutting-edge technologies. Healthcare and life sciences are where we provide the greatest value for our clients, due to our industry training, expertise and experience. Our approach is highly collaborative, disciplined, and success driven.

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